How would you handle a friend who is jealous of your relationship?

It has been a long time since I've struggled with this, but for some reason, an old memory popped back up into my head and it inspired me to ask this question. So, hypothetical: you just get into a new relationship, and right from the get go, your best friend seems to absolutely hate your boyfriend/girlfriend for no other reason than he/she is giving you attention and they are afraid that you're going to forget about them. If you ever make plans to do anything with this boyfriend/girlfriend, your best friend immediately gets moody and irritated. They act dismissive or even blatantly rude if you ever bring up your lover, and even go as far as to bash your lover in front of you, even if they have NEVER done wrong to them.

How would you handle a friend who acted like this?


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  • I would tell my friend that I have a simple rule: if I am ever in a situation where someone is trying to force me to choose between them and another person, I will always choose the other person. If I submit to the will of another person, I am giving up control of my life, and that is something that I will never do. . . and it is something that a good friend would never cause to happen.


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  • i would be like that's there problem not mine get over it but i don't think most dude really give 2 shits about this kinda thing unless the girl is toxic B but you can always try and make them get along do things together maybe help them bond so you can all hangout i think its important for your SO to get along with your buds i would want mine 2 its important 2 me

  • I ran into this situation before, it maybe a bitter pill for your friend to swallow. Time matches on with or without them, do what makes you happy and don't look back

  • Clingy friends.
    oh boy.
    Ain't that fun.

    You know how there's this saying "bros before hoes"?
    Not sure if there's a girl version of that but well how to handle a friend who's jealous of the relationship hmmm...

    Well just don't bring up the relationship to them then I suppose. Keep the social circles separated.

    Your friends don't need to know about your love life.
    Your family don't need to know about your friends.
    Your lover don't need to know about your family/friends.

    Well that's what I do anyway until I'm sure they won't grind gears.

  • I don't like that either!

    If it's an opposite sex friend, then it's possible they are jealous or trying to keep you as a backup even if they are taken.

    Or in general, it might be like you said about not seeing you. Or it might be they don't like the other person.

    Maybe invite them or surprise them by hanging out together to try and get them comfortable with you bf/gf.

    Otherwise, you may have to ask them directly, but casually and humorosly what do they think about your bf/gf?

    Could you pls pls help me on mine? Hardly anyone has answered, and they didn't read it. It's on my profile page.

    • The one about your threesome experience? I am really not the kind of person to answer that question to be honest, I've already seen. I don't know why you would prefer this other woman over your actual girlfriend other than you find her more attractive.

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    • Ok, the only thing is I don't "want" her friend in that way. But I got excited during the double bj by the friend more?

    • You do realize this is my question right? This whole sex thing is none of my business and I genuinely didn't want to answer it NOR know about your sexual experiences. You are making this real awkward. I don't know why you got more turned on by this strange woman during a blow job, okay?

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  • I would hope my best friend would be happy for me! If this is not the case, I would definitely sit down and talk to them, also make them feel included, not like a 3rd wheel but include both of them in certain events etc. If that didn't work, I would just try to divide my time evenly enough but let them know that I will be talking about my s/o because they're an important person in my life xx

  • I would stop talking to them!


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