Has he lost interest? Please Help?

I met a guy on Tinder at the start of June and we have been texting back and forth everyday since. I prefer calling and talking to people but he seems to like chatting on whatsapp more. That's fine, I don't really mind to be honest.. I just love talking to him. We agreed that we would meet up soon (we live quite far apart) and he said he would try and free up a weekend at some point. We both drive so there really isn't any excuse not to meet up. I'm panicking a bit now because over the last couple of days, he has taken a lot longer to reply to my messages even though he is online. It's like he is deliberately not reading them on purpose and then will maybe reply quite a few hours later or even the next day. We have swapped pictures quite a bit, which he really does seem to appreciate. He always says really sweet and nice things, but other times he can be quite abrupt. For example, we would be mid conversation and then all of a sudden say "bye" or "night." Also, we used to always send the kiss emoji every night before we went to bed. I still do, but lately I have only gotten "night" or a smile emoji. I don't understand if he is just maybe not interested anymore but when we ARE talking he is always saying how much fun we are going to have when we meet up. I really really like him and he says he likes me too but I don't understand why he is being so distant lately and why he has been avoiding me the last couple of days on whatsapp and taking ages to reply when he is quite quick to respong.
Sorry for the long post, I just really need some advice as to whether you's think he is still interested and if I am reading too much into it?


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  • So u will meet soon? Ask him to meet and let the meeting light up everything for u ^^ maybe he is just afraid or I don't know guys r complicated sometimes as much as woman are really.. any specific questions?

    • I just wanted to know whether I was wasting my time or if you still think he's interested?

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    • I don't know whether trust send him another message later and ask him outright when we're meeting or not? I really think that the only way that we will know if we're compatible is by meeting and I don't want to wait much longer.

    • Yes thats it go for it ^^

  • he might still be interested!


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