I will be in nursing school soon?

Is it possible to have a girlfriend or should I just be 100% on my studies


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  • Nursing school is hard but it's not hard to the point where you can't make time for other things in your life.

    • Well I am not really social so maybe studies would work better

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    • Well maybe you should try to be more social. But no one is going to approach you and make that easier for you. If you want a social life then you're going to have to reach out to people and make it happen. But college is easy for that! Everyone is looking for new friends

    • Yeah maybe I'll form a connection with a girl

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  • Okay so im in my junior year of nursing school. And i'll tell you this - it's doable. BUT it's going to be fucking hard. Nursing school is going to be the hardest thing you've ever done and studies need to be your PRIORITY. But as long as a girl understands that then it is absolutely manageable.

  • It's plausible dude; I mean you are surrounded by women who are taking the same class and during my class, about 80-90% were women...

    • So your pretty much saying it's just gonna happen

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