Why would you ask me to go see movie with you then gosay iI'm gonna see a "Friend" first? Decode him please?

He asked me to go see a movie then he's like call me im going to go see a friend first. Now were not dating dating or exclusive but i have a bad feeling he's going to fuck some chick then he wanted to go see movie with me.

Now i dont know if its girl or guy or there going to fuck or not

But this is pretty fucked up! Im 90% sure he's going to see some chick to fuck but i have 0 proff


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What Guys Said 1

  • the jealousy game is something that younger immature stupid men and women both do :P it's a fast way to lose someone good

    • I later found out it was a guy friend he was gonna go see but I'm like wtf why didn't he just say that in beginning?

What Girls Said 1

  • he wants to make you jealous.

    • He knows I am jealous or I do get jealous so why would he purposely more?

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