Can a bald guy at 22 still get attractive young women? Please only young people?

I'm 22 and my hair thinned early I shave it wye ball bald and look OK but I'm just being straight up about this, I need looks in a mate, it's natural so I can admit that, true it's not all but it's required, honestly I couldn't date below what I see as a 7 physically. Just being honest, but it's something real I'm not trying to rack up a sex count and hell I want to wait until marriage for sex.

but I'm curious how baldness affects ones attractiveness at this age
  • Yes a bald guy can still be considered attractive enough to have higher standards if they choose
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  • No, baldness affects a guys looks enough that very few girls, let alone attractive girls will want to date them
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  • Some of my friends love the bald look and think it's sexy and badass, especially if he has facial hair. It's not a bad thing, plenty of women love the look so don't give up just yet.

    • I take it you don't

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    • Not at all. It's the face that matters.

    • Are your friends our age? I know of girls who like it after 30+ but I couldn't dste older really

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah you still can but it will be more of an uphill battle than before.

    • I get its not likely a common preference but for a paler white guy many say I pull it off well which surprised me, and it isn't bull support crap a couple girls I know straight up use me as an example of someone who can pull it off. However I'm very upfront, I'll approach a girl I've never met and say 'hey I think you're beautiful sorry for being upfront but I'd like to get to know you more would you like to go out?' It actually gets dexent respect from girls compared to most guys 3 months of texting and snap chat garbage

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  • Just get a swastika tattoo in the back and you'll be okay plus do you guys actually do this :3

    • Dude screw off, you deal with TE which caused my hairloss and lose your little Bieber immature my-balls-haven't-dropped-yet haircut and see your reaction

  • Why do you expect a good looking girl when you're bald? You're gonna have a ridiculously hard time getting girls.

    • Because I never even entertain the thought of settling and know a guy and his looks aren't in his hair. You get one life, and I'll only spend mine with a girl who's very attractive, skinny and a beautiful face are what I need in a girl. I'd rather be alone than settle and rather die than be alone and I mean every word of that, I never do anything halfway as implied by my set standards. All I need is one in the end.. Also bud your gorgeous locks can grow out the tail end because look what the actual females of the poll say

    • That's also like saying why do you expect a good looking girl when you have hair, or are white, or are human, it's a characteristic hell some call it a style, sure it may not be preference but you act as though bald is relegated to fat that's way over the top. You can still look good with no hair

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