Is she just flirting with me or wants us to get intimate?

We recently started dating. I sent a pic of myself in bed to her and she said i look so cute and handsome and how excited she was. Then how she wishes to be there and to kiss and cuddle next to my warm body.
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  • Wants to get intimate
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  • By her telling you she wants to cuddle with you... what could be more intimate than cuddling? So obviously I chose B.

    • Thanks for MHO😊
      Glad to see that you agree with that statement

    • We went out on a date today and did cuddle :) (although I made the first move after a while)

    • Sweet deal. I'm sure she went with it too👍I'm grinning for ya

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  • She was probably doing dishes when she said that
    girls do that to guys they say stuff like that because they know it makes us happy

    • lol I get what you mean, but this instance she was actually in bed

  • Don't overthink it. She said she wanted to be there with you to cuddle. Next time, plan so that she gets to be in bed with you.

    Don't ask her what she meant with her texts. She was clear.

    • I was going to ask how much she had to drink

    • Don't do that unless you're good with banter.

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