Guys how do I handle this situation, will it bug him as much as it embarrasses me?

So I am almost in a relationship with this great guy. We went out to dinner and I have a very bad history with greasy food. I was fine for a hour and while a friend of ours was shopping, I suddenly took a bad turn. I broke out in a cold sweat, I couldnt hear when people were talking to me and I felt dizzy. I went to go to the bathroom but I couldnt make it and I threw up on myself and went to the bathroom in my pants. I cleaned up and everything and he said he had worried for me when I had gotten so ill but I am so embarrassed that I did something like that I dont know how to handle it. Would it be a relationship breaker or will he not dwell on it?


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  • Its not a deal breaker but its just him being worried cause he can't help you. Please tell me though your drinking water... puking can lead to dehydration. Get some sleep and dont forget to comfort him that your okay if he's still bothering you about if your okay or not.

    • I dont think it was dehydration, I think I have something wrong with my galbladder.

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    • I think the food was just bad, I have digestion issues and I had been unable to go to the bathro for 2 weeks so I think it was a combination of the two. I made it very clear that I felt better and that I have problems with digestion and constipation.

    • Suggestion on the indigestion issue. you could drink some aloe vera *cough* drink juice or water with it. cause even diluted its strong tasting. Its a super anti oxidant, and beware about drinkng too much of it. Its a more gentle on the body and its a natural stool softener. That won't be so harsh as meds. As well its pretty inexpensive you can find the bottles of it in like the multicultural section at a Cub Foods. I personally since your a young woman i wouldn't drink more than 3/4ths the bottle if your bowl issues are as bad as your saying.

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  • If he actually likes you he won't mind. I had something like this happen to me but we were officially going out and it was like the 3rd or 4th date. I got sick in the middle of the date and turns out I had a 24hour virus. But he was fine with it after we talked about it we even joked about it after a while.


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  • It won't bug him the way you are concerned about. He will be concerned for your well being.

    • It is just so embarrassing, I dont want him to look at me and be grossed out

    • Stuff happens, he knows that... and you are making a much bigger deal out of it than its worth. Tell him you are incredibly embarrassed at what happened, you'll feel better for getting it out and he'll appreciate how you feel and let you off the imaginary hook you are on.

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