Girls, I am in college and I'm a descent looking guy in college. But I can't connect with any girl I come in contact with, what is going on?

So lately I have been going to a lot of parties and I have been meeting plenty of women, but I just want to meet that one girl that I would bend over backwards for. Yet, I can't meet a single girl in college right now. They just dont seem very interested. Im an outgoing guy, and I can have intellectual conversations with most women, but it usually just ends with us not talking at all anymore. It's very odd and I have never experienced it until the past two years. YES I know, I haven't been with a woman in two years. It's frustrating. Any advice?


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  • Maybe you need to focus on yourself right now and you're school work. You never know what may happen she might be right in front of you and you just haven't noticed. Girls can be very shy and usually like it when the guy initiates the conversation first with them☺.

    • Im doing great in school, I love my major and classes. So I'm fine there. But I am getting super lonely. Where are places I could talk to girls and them feel most comfortable with me approaching them? I'm so terrible at this and its frustrating!

    • Aw that's okay. You could find a girl anywhere. Go to places you enjoy hanging out at or ask some of your girl friends where they like to hangout out. Good luck☺!

  • Stop trying to meet girls at parties, number one. It's cliche to say, but you're most likely not going to find your wife at a party or club or bar or anywhere of those types of settings.
    Also, I am in college too so I understand what it's like to feel like you've connected with somebody only to never speak to them again for no apparent reason. I've learned, in college, we're all in here for the experience. most people don't want to be in a serious relationship while in college because they think it'll hold them back from all the experiences or they'll feel tide (I feel like I spelt that wrong) down.
    my advice to you would be to stop looking and just enjoy these moments. let someone come to you. I know that sound so cliche as well, but honestly, just relax and enjoy your freedom right now. let opportunities come to you.
    hope that helps !

    • But where can I meet them? like I said to the other reply, I dont know how to approach girls because I dont know when they are comfortable and I'm not a creepy guy at all but I'm so afraid that I might come off as creepy if i come on too strong. I've had a lot of fun times already, I've been single for all of it. But i really am tired of going to sleep every night and not waking up to looking forward to having a girl to care for. It's getting extremely tedious. Its been two years of being single, I need somebody that I can have those awesome memories with!

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