What is the best way to find a girlfriend I have been single forever, i'm quite shy but have a had a lot of girls flirt with me any advice or tips?

If i notice a girl flirting with me for example should i take the plunge and ask her out?
I am just scared of being on my own for the rest of my life!


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  • Love comes when you least expect it. You shouldn't ask the girl out instantly or you may come off as desperate. The best way to get a good girl is to be patient and I promise she'll come around☺.

    • yeah i hope so i just feel like i am running out of time as i am 23 and don't have a lot of friends therefore don't have many chances to meet new girls!

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    • gym i'm going to the gym soon every Friday do a lot of girls go their then?

    • Well yes if they are into Fitness. Why not give it a try?☺

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  • Don't wait for girls to flirt with you. You need to be the one come over to them, you'll have more opportunities this way. Find some lame excuse to talk with them and see if they are free that night.


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