I think he likes me but I'm not sure?

We met like 2 weeks ago. He's in my Chemistry class. He's always been very playful and he's gotten in trouble because the teacher said he keep on looking at me instead of at her. I'm extremely shy and he's incredibly outgoing. I have a hard time looking him in the eyes and he always leans in to try to look at me. He leans so close to me that I have to push him away and then he smiles. He told me that one of his friends liked me and he wanted to know if I liked him back. After I repeatedly said no, he kept on asking again and again. He then asked me if I liked him as a friend. I said "yes... I don't know" My friends constantly tease me about liking him. He asked yesterday If I was single and I refused to respond. And after I stayed quiet he said that his friend wanted to know if I was single. He confuses me. I only have chemistry with him and he makes no effort to talk to me outside of class. All my friends say he likes me but he's also known to be a player. Does he like me? What should my next step be?


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  • It's really hard to say what this guy actually is... unless you take a chance with him.

    He probably refuses to get to know you outside of class... because you act un-interested in him during class
    Try to answer his question, that you are single.
    Even say that you are interested.
    I guarantee you will see a huge difference in communication.
    Your shynesss is holding you back, and he's thinking you aren't interested.

    If he's a well known "player"
    I probably wouldn't try to establish anything with him.
    Do you know if there is any real accuracy to what your friends are saying, or are they just rumors?
    If you do decide to proceed with him just be cautious.

    I'd leave a little room open for the benefit of the doubt... because rumors aren't always true.


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