Guys, how would you react if a female friend you find attractive and you flirt with tells you that you can't be friends?

so basically, this guy was attracted, but we couldnt proceed to the next step, because he has a girlfriend...

how would you react if a girl tells you that you can't be friends and you need to make a decision... would you contact her or wait?
shall i write him first even though i said we can't be friends?


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  • It depends on my relationship and the potential of the new relationship. He probably wanted it all without having to break up with his girlfriend. Now that you have laid down that law he is probably just going to move on from the situation.

    If you can't be friends then it's best you just move on. It would be much simpler with someone without a girlfriend already.

    • i am having dates... but we are in touch again. he contacted me, but I feel he is testing me to see how far he can go... i have set some boundaries and i dont expet anything from him in return

    • Well sounds like you know what you're doing. Yeah he totally is, It's quite common unfortunately, glad to see you are enforcing your boundaries.

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