Why did she say she isn't looking to date now cause she's not over her ex? Is this usually true or bs?

This girl said she just wants to be friends a few days after going on a date with her. Not sure if I did something wrong. We both agreed we wanted to meet again, but I hadn't had the chance to set something else up. She's pretty straight forward and I respect her for being upfront and not wasting my time. She specifically said she didn't want to waste my time. Most girls just quit messaging me and leave me hanging, so i'm more than fine being friends with her and I said just as long as we can still hang out. I don't do the whole texting buddy thing. We either hang out in person once every couple weeks or we're not friends. Anyways, what do you guys think? She did say she thought she could move on by going on dates, but decided it wasn't working. I believe her.
One thing i've noticed is a lot of times I'll hear from a girl after a date, just so they can have the validation that the date went well and I must have liked them only to not hear from them again or never be able to setup another date. Although this isn't the case with this girl.


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  • It's not a bs. I totally understand this girl. I got dumped 6 months ago by a guy I was with for 3 years. It was out of the blue and without any reason. It messed me up completely! A month ago I thought that maybe I should try dating, see what's out there, you know. Like maybe that will help me get him out of my mind. There were periods when I would really like other guys and then think that I'm finally ready. So I went on a date with one guy who is really amazing and good looking, but after like an hour into the date I just felt so sad and I just wanted to run away. I could see that he likes me and he wants to kiss me, but all I could think about is my ex. It wasn't fair to both of us. I had to try at least because people keep saying that you get over your ex the moment you fall in love with someone else, so the only way I could fall in love is actually going on dates and meeting people, the new guy is not gonna just fall from the sky through my rooftop in my room, gotta get out there. It really sucked. Not the date but the fact that I'm not ready. I came home and I cried, and I haven't been crying for my ex in months. The date triggered it. Sure, I could've just faked it and let him kiss me and force myself to see him again, but then he would develop feelings that wouldn't be mutual and would eventually lose interest for him. And then I would hurt him. It's incredible how fast I can get a crush on someone and lose it without them doing anything wrong. So now I just don't pay attention to my from today till tomorrow crushes, it's not real. And I also think that going on dates under the pressure is really bad for me right now. I guess I need to meet someone unexpectedly and to be friends first, to see if my interest will stay there without him actually knowing what I'm thinking about. I don't know when will I get over my ex really, but for now I think it's best to just focus on myself and be in love with myself. I miss that.


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  • I dont understand your question?

  • It's probbaly bs.

    • Just curious as to why girls get all excited about going on a date with a guy and then the date goes great and she's all happy and then a day or two later she freaks out that it went well and pull the oh I don't really want to date right now thing.

    • The funny thing is normally the girls who are all excited are the ones who cancel 30 minutes beforehand.

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