Does my friends with benefits want to be exclusive?

He's been my friend for a little bit over 5 months now. I met him in college at an event. It was me and a girlfriend of mine, and he was with his brother. All four of us spoke and I felt an instant spark between just the two of us. He actually admitted to liking me and not my friend. It started becoming a case where we'd all four webcam and then it would just be the two of us. He would text me and webcam with me very often. We learned so much about eachother and we both agreed that we were sexually frustrated since we were both single. So for a couple of times, we engaged in sexual acts at his house. I stayed the night once and it was amazing. The sex was so out of this world. Things started to die down and I wouldn't hear from him maybe every other week or two weeks.

Then out of the blue, the end of last month he calls me again. He told me that he misses me and wants to meet up again. Since still being single, I agreed and once again we had amazing sex. Afterwards he cuddled with me and started opening up. We spoke for hours afterwards and he finally told me that he's been struggling about what he really wants. He's had his heart broken and he felt like he'll get his heart broken again and again. He told me I was beautiful, intelligent and funny and that he wants to go out on a date, maybe to see a movie. I was told that it's not a normal way to start a relationship considering we had sex already, but we know so much about one another and seem to get along. He's very much attracted to me and I am very attracted to him as well. I just don't know if he was insinuating we date or we just continue to have sex. He literally poured his heart out to me. I really like him but did we screw up things by having sex first?


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  • people talk too much shit and change their minds often.

    I don't know what to believe anymore but ill give them an Oscar for best convincing performance.

    Then they move on quickly becoming like strangers again.

    • Lol thats what I'm afraid of.

    • Question him and ask if he means it or is it just part of the act of trying to make you feel sexually comfortable for sex... since people are mother fucking lying leeches in these modern times.

    • If you don't confront him, he will think of you as his easy sex toy. Or either way, have one last session and stop contacting him for good.

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  • He wants something more that's for sure.


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