Guys, What do you make of this relationship?

My best guy friend and I have always been more then friends. It's been going on for a while. We both admitted that we are attracted to each other and talk about hooking up. When it came to discussing the situation I suggested feeding into our urges and seeing what happens but he declined. When he had a girlfriend he would flirt with me and ultimately cheated on her. I dated other guys but always found myself coming back to him. This summer we were both single and talked about being more than friends but decided to be Just friends. After some time he fell back to his old ways of flirting and touching me. I called him out and began to avoid me. The last two times we hung out, the first time he was all over me and handsy, the second we had sex. I don't know what to make of this situation. I need a guys opinion


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  • To me it sounds like it could be 1 of 2 options. He could either be afraid to try and have a relationship with you and it ultimately failing and losing you forever, or he knows that you are open to his physical affections.

    • We have talked about how we don't want to loose each other so we should stay friends but that only lasts like 2 weeks. Any opinions on what to do?

    • He had also admitted to me a couple times that he's scared but won't tell what he's scared of

    • Well that's what is sounds like than. He's too afraid to mess up the relationship and destroy your friendship. Honestly if you want to be together It all comes down to him Now.

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