I almost cry because im so in love with this girl, but I have no idea how to start talking to her :( please help?


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  • One step at a time, dude.
    First, you have to understand the emotion you're feeling: infatuation. You're infatuated with this girl, which means you're just crushing on her REALLY hard. And that's all well and good, but you DON'T love her. You can't love someone you've never talked to.

    Don't approach her like someone you want to make your wife, approach her like someone you want to make your friend. It sounds like you don't know this lady very well but WANT to get to know her. And that's cool! But... take things slow. She could have a side to her you don't know yet that you just don't find so appealing. Wait until you've known someone for at least a year until you say you love them.


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