Guys, Should I text him?

I've been crushing on this guy for years. He's my older cousins best friend. Me and my cousin are good friends though, and he knows I like his friend. All my friends think he likes me. He sometimes texts me to ask if we're almost to his house to pick him up for school, and things like that. We've only had one conversation that was just a regular conversation, and even then, he had a reason to text me. Would it be weird if I texted him now? Like, if I just said hey and started a conversation? I know he would text back, but I don't know if he would be weirded out. Help


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  • When you are rather close in contact with someone, it is easy to contact them without making too much of an impression. However, it's also when you can fall into the platonic state of mind. Begin texting him about whatever, and when you're comfortable, begin talking about things that people that like each other talk about. He will probably be the one to make the move if he likes you and don't be too hesitant. Good luck you!


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