What's the deal with dating?

In high school you usually hear about bullies, and peer pressure about drugs and sex right? Well, my friends are pressuring me to DATE. What's the big deal about dating? They want me to date just for fun whether I like the guy or not, and then break up with him or something... So, what's the big deal, why should I date?


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  • It might be good to get some experience so that in the future, when you do serious dating, you'll can hit the ground running.

    It's kind of juvenile, to date guys you don't even like just because it's the thing to do. But it's not like you're going to find true love in high school, and becoming accustomed to the dating game might save you some awkwardness later on.

  • do not due it out of pressure. that will do no good. onlny do it if you feel like it.


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