Should I go for it?

My best friend's ex crush has feelings for me, and I may have something for him as well... she got really bad when she found out that we were feeling certain way about each other. I ended up giving up on him because I love my bff and I can't loose a friendship like ours. It's been 6 months since this whole situation, and she told me she's over him and that I could go for it, if I wanted to. But I DONT KNOW! He is such a nice guy, we used to talk a lot and we had a lot in common. should I go for him? Maybe she is saying it only because she doesn't want to feel guilty for making me and him not go for it. But I know I am a "villain" on the story. (Forgive my English mistakes).
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  • I would say that you should for sure.

    Firstly, you found someone that you potentially like, and even better-- the guy likes you back. That in itself is a good thing and doesn't exactly happen too often. There are many relationships that become one sided.

    Secondly, your friend gave you the green light. No matter what happens, she told you that you are ok to go for him. She can't blame you now for starting a relationship with him because she can't simply take back what she said, even if she didn't mean it completely. Personally though, I imagine she did mean truly that it was ok... Considering she is your friend she is most likely wanting you to be happy too.

    I'd go for it and see where it goes.

    • Thank you so much! I think I will text him om Monday. You really helped me, thanks! ☺

    • No problem. Glad to help :D
      If you have any more questions or anything, feel free to ask

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  • Not a best friend if she's too much of a dumb bitch dwelling in the past to realize that this would make you happier imho.


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  • You should go for it. Life's short so make the most of it. If your BFF is a true friend she would want you to be happy but just to be sure you should ask her a second time to be certain if she's okay with it. Anyways there will always be someone else out there for her.


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