Is trying to get him back hopeless?

So me & him dates for almost 2 weeks, this past month & even since then we've been talking.

I dumped him... Twice, but the second time I learned it was just a misunderstanding & what he had said wasn't how he meant it.

but, I want him back, he's just someone who I'm comfortable with & i really miss having him as my own.

So the other day he was telling me about how comfortable he is with me, & he was talking to me like we were still together, later that night I asked him how he felt about me, & he said I knew how he felt about me, but honestly I don't, then he said it doesn't matter how he feels about me & he isn't Saying.

then yesterday we were Texting & he quit responding (but read my text) has been snapchatting pictures & videos at clubs & posting pictures with females. I had snapchatted him earlier that day, but he didn't open it... Although he had been posting.

Am i just wasting my time? Is he just not responding b/c he's busy?

I'm just feeling pathetic & that it's just hopeless.

Also, I am the type to get over someone & not miss them, but I can't with this guy



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  • Hey! soooo, with the snapchat thing, I totally do the same thing, ill post on my story just not respond to people/ or open their snaps to me.. I'm just too lazy to respond to people haha... but, he may be busy... maybe he feels that if you guys get back together he thinks you'll probably have another misunderstanding with him and dump him again... what I would do (you don't have to do this) but I would just take the time to either meet up with him or text him explaining the situation, and that how he feels about you matters to you, and go from there

  • get him back... but you can dump him again especially after 2 weeks.. prove to him he can trust you


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