As a guy do I tell a girl where I'm at in life foreal?

I feel like I wasted 4 years of my life after high school. Went into the military and anded up getting medically discharged and I couldnt let it go. I was pissed off. I tried community college at the time and hated it. Went into the police academy. can't get hired now. Now I'm back at community college working towards my four year and I'm mtovated to do so. Just feel like a loser for where I'm at today.


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  • My sister is going through a similar situation. She felt she wasn't ready for college right after graduating high school and took some time to find herself. Well, it's been 4 years and she has yet to find herself. She just enrolled into college while her friends just graduated from college. You can imagine how she feels.

    Yes, you should be honest. The right girl will be understanding and supportive. There's no need to feel embarrassed or like you're a loser. Don't think of it as wasting 4 years of your life, but gaining 4 years of life experience. Good for you for going back to school. It's never too late to start over.

    Stay motivated and good luck in all your future endeavors!


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  • Not a loser at all, since you are still trying! I admire people that get back up when life throws you down and try to continue or try something else.

  • If you really care about her and feel that it's necessary for her to understand your behaviour, then yes, you need to tell her where you're at in your life for real.


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