Girls, Why would you personally do this OR have done this?

Why have you OR would approach a Random guy first to have a conversation with him , but when the random guy asks for your number, you DON'T give your number?


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  • i have.

    let me tell u something. not every time a girl comes up to u, she's trying to flirt with u. i have NO FREAKING IDEA where men get this mentality from. or even women actually.

    like one's just gotta stop thinking so highly of themselves if every time the opposite sex comes up to you, you think they attracted and wanna flirt. noooo.

    say if i come up to u to ask for the time, and I'm not dropping hints of interest, then i wanna know the time -.- didn't ask for ur number, and didn't offer mine. :P

    • Thanks :) That's fair enough. But if a girl approaches a random guy twice or thrice and then she doesn't give her number when he asks... what does it mean?

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    • Thanks for not being mad with my comment ;) My number is XOX - XOX.

    • Also one more question I had in mind is how can a random guy know whether you are approaching him because you are sexually attracted to him or not?

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  • I have because I was curious about him or just wanted to speak to someone new, strangers don't just speak to other strangers because they want to date them, we speak to them because we are interested in what they have to say.

    • Thanks :) Were you attracted to the random guy at first?

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    • You can't? Up to you to work that out for yourself.

    • haha :P you sound like a puzzle to me. But if you approach a random guy and start a conversation and you are attracted to him, would you give hints straight away at the start of the conversation or slowly as you progress through the conversation?

  • This has happened to me! I once struck up a conversation with a guy I didn't know. I didn't enjoy talking to him, so I didn't give him my number. To lead him on would have been dishonest.

    • Thanks :) Were you attracted to him at first?

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    • Probably not. He was pretty, but insecure and a bit boring. I guess if there was something I liked about the way he spoke or carried himself I might be?

    • that's cool :)

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