Why is dating / relationships so focused on physical / shallow parameters these days?

I mean , a man won't get a chance unless he is good looking , has a good amount of money , has a good body , or has a good wee-wee

YET a woman who , say has a flat chest ( even though i do not care about boob size but many men do ) will get half the citizens of earth running after her if she decided to open her *lock* to the people

Why this shallowness i see in women? and when i was young they always were saying ( women are emotional creatures and men are stupid monsters ) i see the compelete opposite in many many cases

Yes it may sound like a hatred question , but it annoys me when women just say ( there are no good men anymore ) while they are SO MUCH shallow , yes physical attraction is somehow of value but putting 95% of the value of person on it seems bad...


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  • Some from both genders are guilty of this. Generalizing that all woman are shallow is incorrect. The way the guy makes me feel and how he treats me is so much more important. Yes, there are good looking men out there, but if they are rude obnoxious jerks, I don't want to date them. Why be miserable my whole life?


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  • I understand your frustration of picking up girls. It is something many guys and girls go through at some points in life.

    You seem to suggest there is a universally absolute understanding of what attracts a person to another person. There isn't.

    We all don't like coffee, tea, vodka or tequila. Because I like tequila or many people that you are aware of like tequila doesn't mean they are shallow. It's just personal preference.

    It's helpful to understand that humans are cognitively visual being; meaning too often rely on our visual senses for assessing not only a potential partner but also foods, clothing, furniture, etc.

    What constitutes an attractive person or anything is subjective, and influenced by learning one acquires through life. Certainly, there are girls that would never succeed to win your heart, and yet you are what they want. That doesn't make you shallow. Does it?

    I don't completely discount your assessment that some girls fish for guys with money, fame, swagger, or some material, ephemeral things.

    Expand your social circle beyond your current circle to include people with your with your mindset. I bet you there are many girls dying to be with you right now.


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  • I think this view goes either way, there are shallow women and men, especially now when all this self obsession has taken over the Internet. Just like there are good guys out there, there are good girls. You just have to be patient:)

  • i was going to answer ur question seriously until i realised u think women are the only shallow gender.

    u know nothing about women.


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  • because life isn't fair if you want something you better take it, this is a dog eat dog world

  • I am perturbed by your use of parentheses in place of quotation marks.___.


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