You have been talking and messaging someone you like for many months then?

So you have been talking to someone you like for a few months and have never had the talk about if you like each other or if either of you have a boyfriend/girlfriend etc. Then you decide to tell them you like them and if they wanted to go to some event together just the two of you. They then say sorry but im going with my boyfriend/girlfriend but your welcome to come along as well. What would you do? Would you keep talking to that person?
  • Say yes you will gladly go along with them
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  • Say you thought they were single and have and argument
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  • Stop all contact with that person
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  • Still contact them but less often
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  • other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • ok hold up. why would we be talking that long without anyone establishing whether or not theyre in a relationship?

    if I'm interested, ill be dropping hints. if I'm dropping hints, then id expect him to politely shut me down if he has a girlfriend and it'll b fine. if he tells me later however that he has someone ill be pissed off because ill feel like iv been lead on. i wouldn't speak to him again because he a secretive douche.


Most Helpful Guy

  • lololl oh u got shut down


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  • Its according to what u talk about. Everyday stuff, Id still talk to them. Sexual stuff, oye.

  • I'll go with D. Don't wanna make it awkward.


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