I was "stood up" but my friend wants me to give him a second chance?

So I talked to this guy on a dating app. He messaged me and he came across as he really wanted to meet me, thats what he said Anyway. On Friday he told me he could pick me up and drive me home if I would go with him that night, but I had plans so we planned to meet on Saturday.

Around 4 in Saturday we decided we were going to meet up in town 19.30 and go watch a film. At 19.30 I was waiting for him.. And I decided if he hasn't shows up by 20 o'clock I got stood up.. around 20.15 me messaged med saying he left his phone at a friends house, and that he was sorry. And he told me he was on his way. Around 30-45 min past still nothing from him (at this point I had made other plans).

Then he asked me where I was, I told him I was at this bar, then he asked of we could go out tomorrow instead. I was kinda pissed of at this moment, so when he suggested that there was still time to watch a movie that night I told him I didn't have time.

Personally I dont care anymore, but in my opinion He was being disrespectful and he blew his chance. But a friend of me mind suggested giving him a second chance, because he did say sorry so at least he felt bad..

What do you think? Should I consider giving him a second chance?


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  • Well, you are right, its disrespectful, so before you give him the second chance tell him you didn't appreciate being stood up and that you are reluctant to go out with him... see what he has to say... i don't think apologizing is enough.

    • I dont know if I want to, this is a very wrong note to start any form of relationship.. he Just comes across as a guy Who doesn't have his shit togheter. . So not my type

    • Go with your gut, never deny the little voice, it sounds that way to me too... unfortunately it reminds me of a time or two I've done that lol

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  • Nope don't give him another chance... If he was really interested... he would have come to meter you in any way possible... I think he did it on purpose...

    So no

    • Why would he do it on purpose?

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    • Yeaa... trust me if a girl did that to me I will not give her a second Chance... too.. i would think she is not interested.. Unless she has like a real proof like she was struck in traffic or something...😊..

    • Understandable! Well there are plenty fish in the sea. . Im not to bummed out by it

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