Where can I find guys my age, I'm a homebody?

Seems like I always attract men 8yrs+ my senior and guys my age never seem to notice me OR think I'm boring! They often say I need to get out more and have fun then just stop talking to me.

Older men don't seem to mind but I don't feel as happy & alive with them. They're not too exciting honestly.

Even in college I get more attention from older men and it's nice I guess but I usually lose interest in them fast because I can already tell they're like all the other guys I've talked to.

I'd try approaching guys my age but they always lose interest because of my simple boring life.


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  • If you are "boring" then you may need to find a boy that is "boring", which means he is probably either in class, doing homework, or in the lab and is too busy to date. You need to do it fast, because when they become wealthy, all the "exciting" girls will be after them.

    Older men are already past that busy part of their lives and may not want the drama that comes with more flamboyant women.

    What you mean by "like all the other guys I've talked to"? That could be part of your problem.

    Here is something that always works. Instead of seeking a person with the qualities you find most attractive, seek the type of men who find your qualities most attractive. You then try to get close to what you like from that pool, but at least you will get a date.

    • I'm not into the wealth, I hate when guys are too flashy.

      I'm in the bio field too but most of the guys keep to themselves but seem to want a more glamorous looking lady or at least that's what my guy friends say

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    • True, I've tried talking to strangers ( not just guys ) to make me less shy in general and it took a while since some people weren't friendly and I even got ignored! I'm glad I didn't give up though.

      And ya maybe I should just talk to all types because one guy I thought was great didn't turn out to be once I actually had a conversation with him. That was disappointing but I realized that looks are not everything but now I feel like I don't know what I want

    • You probably don't know what you want, and won't until you are in your upper 20s.

      You've got the advice to follow now, and as you do, you will start to understand yourself and others and what you want will crystallize.

      Good luck.

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  • They're all over just hidden, maybe the bookstore or look around more closely


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  • Online dating, singles groups, . Put your money where your mouth is and get out there and do some of those exciting things on your own you might meet someone with similar interests. The bottom line is you are going to attract guys based on who you are, not who you think you want to be. There are plenty of guys out there your age, you just gotta be willing to risk a little bit.

  • There's tons of guys just like you out there. They are just in their house all day, so they can't find you. Use the internet and find them. I assure you that they're there.


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  • Try networking through friends

  • The mall, club, bar

  • Go to the club!!


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