What to think when a guy that likes you keeps posting stuff about he's sick of being single?

i met a guy a few months ago at a local event, he is from a different state but we have been texting every day since (about 6 months). About 2 weeks ago he stopped texting constantly and would only reply about once a week and ignore everything else. its like a switch has flicked on him, lately he's been posting all this "over being single" and "like if you would date me" stuff all over his social media. I sent him a message asking what he would think if i liked it (the one about the dating) and I never got a reply... I don't know what to do or think anymore.


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  • I think maybe he lost interest. It does suck because you and him had potential to date each other. You guys were almost like a couple. I think people change and disappear when they are bored, when they date somebody else or if things move to fast. Maybe he felt your being to clingy.


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