I don't get it guys! HELP?

So long story short, I lost my keys, the only person I know where I'm at is my ex boyfriend, who is also the future father to my child, I text him cause he has the other key to my apartment and I had no way in, he put up this front of how he had plans, and if I really needed it, I told h to forget it, my previous ex said that I could stay at his place so I wouldn't have to sleep in my car, I told my baby daddy that I had a place to crash, and don't worry about coming down, he found whose house it was I was gonna crash at, he did a 180 and was like whatever you need, I'll bring them, well in the mix of that he told me he was gonna bring someone, so I asked if he was seeing someone, he never responded, well when the whole thing went down with me crashing, at my other exes place, that mysterious someone was all his guy friends, I told him thank you for the effort but, again not to come down I'll just figure it out next thing I know he is texting saying he dropped my apt key off at my work, by that tweet I was over it then he text me again like wow I drive all this way... wtf, what's his deal?


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  • You treated him like a yo-yo, disrespected his time/effort... again, I'll bet... judging from his first reaction

    Seems you need a lesson in keeping duplicate keys hidden in a myriad of places instead of guys...

    What do your parents do for a living?
    Have many siblings? Are they working & doing well?
    Do you have a job?


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