How to ask a girl out you have just met in a shop, gym or bus stop?

I get a lot of girls flirting with me but due to my anxiety i do not know how to respond and don't get out much as due to my anxiety don't have many friends.
So yeah most of the girls i do meet are at the above places so i was wondering how i can get to know them better without scaring them off or making myself look like an idiot?


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  • You don't ask me out - that's creepy stalker stuff pal
    You slowly build a get-to-know you relationship out of common interests, problem solving, making someone's day better as a routine. THEN you'll have enough ammo to figure out what to offer her that will get an enthusiastic YES.

    • okay thanks how about asking for her number or is that too much?

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    • @Marinepilot Very cool - I am not into making it competitive, so am a sissy compared to you.. I'm in it for the parties, the socials but mostly the refreshing romance it brings to hubby/me... ooohlalala, it's getting steamy here

    • Athleticmom-Yes it is fun, no question. Your hubby loves to dance too. Great ! Dancing can be very sensual and steamy. I was born in West Texas which is the Buckle of the Bible Belt. Many people think that dancing is
      sinful and those of us who dance are doomed to eternal perdition. That's true, I can't make this up. Maybe
      Ballroom dancing can help my knees and get me limber again. Thank you very much for your suggestion.
      I shall do this. I'll keep you posted. by the way, I especially want to learn the Tango. To me that's what dancing
      is all about. Oh and I love watching Dancing with the Stars. For whatever reason most Marine and Navy
      pilots do. Air Force pilots, not so much. I know this may shatter some illusions, but c'est la vie !

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  • Well asking her out would mean you would have to communicate and likely initiate as well. Just start of slow by doing a bit of brief eye contact with a subtle flirty smile. Be open to her from a distance. Example: Smile at her and glance back at her every once in a while and soon she'll get the hint😉. My advice is to take it slow and start dropping hints you're interested in her from a distance first. Good luck☺!

    • okay thanks so when you say slow can this all happen in one meeting? thanks for all your advice been a great help

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    • but between that time i should keep the conversation going with her

    • Yes of course☺. Don't let her go😃!

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