I really need help. Does she want me like I want her?

We are both seniors and knew each other for six months. She liked me when we first met. (Her friends told me, dont ask me why I didn't ask her out). She was shy at first but gradually became more open. She became popular but we still talked. She is exceptionally nice to me and always confronts me. She doesn't give tell tale signs to me and never touches me but likes eye contact and looks deep in my eyes. We dont have classes together anymore and we only see each other in the hallways. Our convos are always superficial and short. But the deal is, why would she single me out everytime she sees me and treat me like Im the last person alive. She is beautiful and nice and I am not your ideal guy. I really would love to know her more But I dont want drama or an awkward response. And you guys can give me some hangout ideas. I was thinking a study session would be naive and easy to get to know her.

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  • Yea a study session sounds like a plan. You won't be obliged to talk too much with her, all whilst spending quality time with her.

    • Furthermore, it won't be out rightly stating that you like her, there's a subtlety to it. So you won't have to worry too much about getting rejected.

  • Walk her to her class if you can


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