Girls, Am I the bad guy here, eventho I didn't do anything wrong except spend time?

So last week I met this girl and we started to really hit it off, and I really enjoyed the time with her. I think she did too. Then the next day she drops during a conversation that she has a boyfriend. So we go drinking with a group of people and again we are seated next to eachother and have a good time. Her SO shows up, and I introduce myself like the gentleman I am and he plays it off like he's too cool and ignores me. So they leave a bit later. T he next day we have a gathering so we meet up again, drinks start flowing again (let me tell you, we are nowhere near drunk). She shows up with her boyfriend and he apologizes for last night because he was jealous. We talk a bit and he starts saying that it's been off between them lately and she doesn't feel it anymore. The rest of the night we hung out a bit and I told her that I'd ask her out if she didn't have a boyfriend (im a pretty straightforward guy) I also gave her a "goodbye" hug when she was leaving.
So now I know a lot about the stuff between them and I know the guy a bit. And I'm still interested in her eventhough I know it's wrong.

TL;DR: Am I a bad person for hoping it doesn't work out between them?


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  • Not at all! As long as you don't do something to purposely break then up you're in the clear!


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