Do you think its possible to have a serious relationship off of tinder?

I've heard stories about "Tinderellas" who end up dating and eventually marrying men that they've met on tinder. Given its a site initially for hooking up, but what do you guys think?

If you've had a positive tinder experience, feel free to share!


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  • It's possible, but not likely.

    Do it anyway, because t it DOES get you that initial meeting. You have to start *somewhere*. The odds of finding true love there may be slim, but that is better than other options. First, it is in the privacy of your own home, or smartphone. Second, none of the awkwardness of clubs or bars.


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  • That app is so shallow. I would not take pride in getting into a serious relationship with a guy on tinder because I only match their physical preferences. It would make me wonder if that's the only reason why they like me.

    • But isn't that how people meet in the real world as well? A guy may approach you because he finds you attractive and vice versa.

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    • I see your point. Well, aren't all men that way? haha, all men want a Megan Fox even if they look like Danny Devito xD

    • Yep and some men say one thing and do another

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  • Lmfao "Tinderellas" bwahahaha!
    I highly doubt it. I think a lot of people secretly want to be one of the lucky ones who gets online and finds love.

  • My boyfriend and myself have been together 2 and a half years we met there it's possible 😀


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