Is this something I can say on a interview?

I study marketing and few weeks ago i contacted a guest lecturer of mine and i asked if he had any internship available, he didn't say yes or no he just said thanks for reaching out lets meet up and talk.. not knowing what that ment (what do you think he means)?

i said yes i would love to meet up and talk, so tomorrow i am heading to his office to talk.
I am 23 years and im on my last bachelor year in marketing and the only experiance i have is by working with customers, so customer service I've worked in a store for about 5 years and i dont have much digital experiance.

So what i am going to say is that i dont have much experiance when it comes to digital marketing or any other type of marketing, and the only experiance i have is by working with customers and i would love to get a internship to be able to expand my expertees and to be able to learn more, and work in a work enviroment that is more related to my bachelors degree. I really want to work with marked communications and CRM and digital marketing.

Is this a good awnser if he askes me why i want to work there?


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  • Be honest with him about your work experience. It's perfectly okay to say, you are clueless about your next career move. I guarantee, your Guest Lecturer knows graduates are often unclear about their employment or job roles.

    Though you have expressed interest in marketing communications, digital marketing and CRM, that doesn't mean you are still clear about what you really want to do.

    Forget about those buzzwords (e. g. digital marketing, CRM, etc.). Just quietly paused for few minutes. [Don't think about your marketing certificate or what you studied.] Ask yourself what is it I like doing? Start each sentence with a verb. For example:

    • Design minimalist presentations
    • Doing online research about…
    • Talking to a large audience or on a 1-2-1 basis
    • Advising people on matters that…
    • Testing x new product or service

    Write as many verb-starting sentences as possible.

    For each verb-starting sentence, write down why you like performing it and why accomplishing it makes you feel.

    You will be amazed how everything's would fall into place. And you will comfortably articulate what you want to do. Your lecturer would be amazed. Do not use buzzwords when doing the exercise, and when discussing with your lecturer.

    You do not necessarily have to work in marketing. Be mindful of that. It is not the strongest species that survive but the ones that are flexible and quick to embrace change do.

    I have a double degree in Journalism and Political Sciences. My work for the last 10 years has no link with my bachelor studies though they have influenced my job performance.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks for the idea, but i do somewhat feel lost and i dont know what i really like, i know i want to work in a international company with communications but i dont know what i reallly love doing

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    • I was thnking of saying that one thing negative is that i dont like public speaking and because of that i take on tasks that require me to speak infront of people in order to get better.
      I am also very neat freak i need to have things in order all the time i could work on that and i have a hard time saying no..

    • The negatives you should always highlight should be related to the competences required to perform the job. For example, I am interested in digital marketing but have no work experience in it. Lack of experience is a personal negative you could highlight.

      Unless the session tomorrow with your former lecturer is a pastoral session, meaning the lecturer is acting as a mentor, then you can open up to them about your hygiene or orderly freakiness. :)

      Also, you can talk about a negative quality about you that has a positive dimension. For example, I am unclear about the roles in marketing I should pursue, is a negative attribute. However, it has made me to become comfortable with doubts, and enables me to explore various career options available to me. That's the reason I am here with you today.

      How does that sound?

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  • WHY
    recite back to him ALL the positive attributes of this company - do your research, even OK to bring cheater index cards on the excuse you are nervous, 1st interview
    and you want to further the success in these attributes you find attractive... somehow
    offer your
    work experience, education/grades
    other life achievements, awards

    DO NOT
    "give me"
    "it would make me so happy"
    & other Mommy can I have this - routines


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  • Yes, actually sounds like the perfect answer. It lets him know you are hungry, it lets him know you are serious and that you are really trying to get any help you can by taking a internship. Sounds good to me.

    • I also want to be honest, i dont want to say i know how to do one thing and than it will get me hired and than i won't know anything

    • True, best to let them know right away that your a greenhorn and just want to suck up everything you can learn.

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  • Dont mention that u lack experience. Focus on highlighting your strengths. Think of when someone is trying to sell you something. They ONLY tell u good things about the product. Thats the point.

    Do your research. Make sure you're prepared for the interview. Arrive early. You'll do great hun. I believe in you😉


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