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Guys there is a girl. She is my good friend. I have no girl friend so she said that she would find a girl for me. I said okay. We talked normally to each other. I asked her evryday has she found anyone or not for fun because i said i can not get a girl friend. Then after 2 weeks she said that she has found somone for me. I asked her whats her name. She said her name. I was shocked. I didn't know what to reply. I asked her is she asking me out? She sais no and said that she is giving me a opinion. Then i asked her doea she wants me to ask her out, she said yes. I replied i need some time to think about it (because i dont know what to say that tm). Then she suddenly changed her tone and said she was joking. We talked 5 min after that and she was a little different. I want to know that was she really joking? Did she want us to get in a relationship? What do u thunk guys?


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  • People don't just make something up randomly like that unless you know for a fact they're jerks enough they would actually do that. It sounds like she was scared of rejection after you said you would think about it so she made up that she was kidding. Depending on what you know about her you will be able to figure out whether she was making a terrible joke that her twisted sense of humor thought was funny or if she was just scared that "I will think about it" was just another way to say no.


What Guys Said 1

  • I think she was and your response of needing time after she put it out there put her off a bit. However it's tough because you was joking around with her before she said her name but to go as far as she did with it makes me believe she was genuine.


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