How do I get her to like me?

There's this girl that I like at school, but I'm starting to think she likes another guy that im sorta friends with. I'm the guy that alwyas nice and likes to have fun, but I am also a little shy. This guy is popular and always gets the girls. Is there anything I can do so that she likes me more?


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  • i've learned something from past experiences , be independent , look and act sexy and confident , you will have to face some tough siuations that won't make you feel comfortable but for the most part never run away unless you really really have to and its threatining to ruin your life , after acheiving all the above simply ignore her , say hi and be kinda nice but for the most part seem uninterested , when she looks at you or tries proving something just act like " yeah thats nice but you didn't have to do it cause i dont care if you do or not " sort of way , trust me it works but you must be physically appealing so get in shape if you're overweight and start wearing stylish sharp clothes and get a stylish nice haircut


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