Im new here, what the best beach to party in LA?


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  • You should try newport beach, cool bars and restaurants !!

    • Newport Beach is awesome. It's got everything from high class places, expensive homes, and cozy/cute places like Balboa Island to the thumping dive bars and clubs on the peninsula. It is really hard to find a bad restaurant around there. It is a drive from L. A., though, so if you want a party spot, go for Manhattan or Venice probably. If you go down to Orange County for Newport Beach, you might as well hit Huntington, because it is a big party beach, too.

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    • Thanks for the info, I m new here and dont really know anything around the area

    • Well you going to love it, LA has enuthing you need, I used to work on the tourist industry and is just amzing as long as you have the right friend with you thats all you need

  • Malibu or Venice should do the trick if you want to get down and party.


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