[17/m] Asked out girl I'm talking to [16/f] but she said "we should talk first before dating, you know?" This response left me confused, help?

We've been actively talking for the last couple weeks, and had been before that occasionally. She sent her friend some messages that read "I don't like him like, legit, but like, he's really cool, and I think there could be something there." She keeps asking for me to engage with her, and walk with her in the halls, any time we see each other she smiles super brightly. She has this thing lately where she doesn't want to date anyone, but after I saw that message she sent her friend, I thought that was my chance. Help please, hahaI don't know if this means we're in a relationship but she just doesn't wanna go out on any dates yet.
EDIT: Or she doesn't want to go only dates yet*


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  • She just wants to be friends more before you date. If she doesn't want to date anyone now, it may take her a while to get on relationship level with someone.


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