Whats up with this weird girl? Mind games?

A girl was trying to get my attention by giving non-verbal signs that she likes me,
she would not break eye contact and roam around me in the hall etc , but i did not realise it coz i was not sure that she really likes me...
Now what she is doing is now she is completely ignoring me.
- she talks on phone infront of me and smiles as if she is talking to her new boyfriend.
- she left her classes in between today and went home, maybe she wanted to show me that she is going to meet her new boyfriend.
Note - my friend told me, when she was coming in the class, she was looking at me for about 1 second but i was looking somewhere else...
Why she is doing this? and what should i do? please help me...


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  • I wouldn't really really call those non-verbal signs that she likes you. The only one that really stands out is when she was circling you in the hall. You make it sound like she was acting like a buzzard getting ready to feed on a carcas. Anyway, just because your best bud saw her staring at you for one whole second doesn't mean anything. And so what if she went home. Who says it has anything to do with a boyfriend. Maybe she felt like going home. And people talk on the phone all the time and smile while doing it. Bring me some better non-verbal cues and then maybe you might get a solid answer, cause these ones are not stacking up.

    • Non verbal cues...
      1- looking at me from the corner of her eye in the class,
      2- she won't leave the classroom in the breaks unless i leave and tries to get up from the seat and tries to bump into me at the same time when i cross her seat.
      3- comes behind me till the washroom
      4- asks stupid doubts to teacher , just becoz she wants me to notice her.
      now what do u say?

    • Now those are much better. Yes, I would say she likes you and is trying to get your attention.

  • She is either trying to get your attention which she had obviously done because you are thinking about her strange behavior or actually just isn't interested anymore. I think its the first one because it seems like she does these things on purpose to make you jealous. It's a strategy I've seen work before, you start hinting that you like a guy then you just from one day to another make it seem like you couldn't care less about him. The guy will often be very confused and try to get her interested again (sometimes this is used to see if a guy is actually interested in you) and other times it's done for the purpose of moving the relationship further along. Personally I have never done this because it seems quite immature to me to play games like this but some of my friends have.

    • First of all thnx for your response,
      now, i also think that she has done this to get my attention or maybe becoz i was not getting her non verbal hints, so its just a way to get my attention...
      i wana ask u, now what should be my response to it?
      should i give her attention or just ignore her like i have been doing?

    • Well it all depends on whether or not your interested in her. If you are then make it a point to talk to her and maybe tease her about how she seemed to be ignoring you. If you guys click or you see chemistry after talking a few times then maybe ask her out for a date somewhere.

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