Is it a turn off for a guy to have uneven shoulders?

Is it unnatractive if a guy has uneven shoulders? like one side of my shoulders is a lot wider than the other and gets me down! i hate looking so odd, its a shame cause i have a nice body and face..(not being big headed)


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  • Not really, nobody really looks at the shoulder, unless of course it's like too buff for the body or the other way around, but a little uneven is fine


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  • Face and shoulders is the first thing a girl looks in a guy,
    if u have nice face then u can compensate for assymetrical shoulders,
    although u can also have surgery.
    but dont worry, the girl who will love u, will not love u for ur shoulders, she will love u for u...

    • you can have surgery? to make my shoulders wider?

    • To bring your shoulders in symmetry,
      one of my friends had unevern shoulders, doctors did some surgery and now he is fine,

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  • If you have a nice body and face you will be fine.

    though, symmetry is one of the most attractive things, So... eh...

    I think your ''nice body and face'' would make up for that one flaw.


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