Guys, I push him away, WHY he comes back?

I push him away but he comes back/dos not let me? WHY?
He likes me?

I always push people away, and I guess he knows that.


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  • Yes, its because he likes you. The question you need to ask yourself is if you want him to keep coming back or to go away.

    • I recently met him and yesterday I told him to go away like 20times but I guess he knows somehow I really don't mean that so he made some jokes etc. and tried to keep having a conversation and didn't let me leave.

      You still think he likes me? did you mean more then friends way?

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    • By the way today, he messaged me again so I said "Sending me a message again? you must like me!!!" he's response was "you said later so it's later now I'm sending you a message".

      Would you still say he is interested in me?

    • Yeah, he's texting you after you keep telling him to go away, he's trying to figure you out cause you are a bit confusing to him,... just set aside the worries about liking or not liking and have a regular conversation, talk about your interests, things you may have in common, and he'll start to figure out you're not going to tell him to go away 😊

  • Maybe he likes you.


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