Everything was fine but now it's wow?

A while back ago, I went ice skating with my cousin and a few of her friends, whom introduced me to this very handsome guy... He's a year older than I am - him and I had a fantastic time together. We decided to see each other again, it's been a week and a half then I met his friends -__-" (his idea not mine) ..

We stayed at his place eating popcorn & pizza and watching random movies.. I got up to use the bathroom, when I got out I overheard one of his friends saying to him "How did you manage to get that kind of girl, she's pretty and all BUT She seems to be high maintenance from looking at what she wears.. remember your last girlfriend" -.- blahh blahh blahh.. He didn't say anything.

(I never ask about his relationship history and I'm not going too unless he wants to open up about that plus it's too early to talk about it anyways.)

Few days later, he hasn't called or texted me at all. So was it the comment that his friend made that had him not bother talking to me again? Or what?


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  • Possibly? Try calling him or texting him?

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D


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  • He's giving you up over that? Over how you dress? If this guy thinks it's a crime to dress nice, you can definitly find better. I wouldn't text him or call him, even if you do like him. He shouldn't be so easily influenced by other people.