Why do people try and give us grief for dating woman with bad history, are they warning us or don't want us to get hurt?

I grew in a small town of 3,000. So social circles and people knew each other's business. I remembered the first girl I was dating a guy I knew "oh your waiting for her? She has a really nice bush/landing strip." It pissed me off so I told him to fuck off and I stood her up. Obviously the relationship didn't last.

2nd girl I remember telling my friend about her abd he just laughed and said "so what's my dick taste like" needless to say that one didn't work out.

3rd girl my mother worked at the local hospital "I've heard you've been spending a lot if time with this girl... I can't tell you why but you need to stop seing her."
I worked at the local hospital too so I know it was something bad like a HIPPA thing.
but the way my mother said it was with such disgust that his son would be dating such a woman.
Fourth and last when I moved to a big city I attended college and I got into a fight with a girl I was seeing I went to a Christmas party with a gift for her to apologize. One of the girls in our social circle leaned on my shoulder " why do you try so hard for her? You could do so much better... don't you know about her history?" And proceeded to tell me all the bad things about the girls sexual past.

I liked these girls since before I knew their history but it seems at every corner there's always some one their to spoil them for me. It seems like in today's society of giving people a second chance it only counts if your dating them. Everyone else ridecules you for being with that person. Or they trying to shame you into leaving them, for your own good?


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  • I'd be happy that they told me. It would be soo much worse if I ended up married to the girl before finding out. You're going to find out eventually and it's better to find out sooner rather than later.

    • Your welcome, did s lot of soul searching and had to let that person go. Sadly not because of them but myself all their history would of haunted me.

    • yeah, sometimes ignorance is bliss but if you're going to find out about a persons wild past, it's better now than after the wedding.

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  • they just dont want you to get hurt is all.


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