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I have been seeing a guy for a few months. We tell each other we love each other, but it's complicated in that we aren't officially a couple or exclusive, yet it's somewhat assumed. .. it's confusing. Anyway, a friend of mine was giving his opinion that I'm being stupid and getting strung along and he's probably seeing other girls. He even said he was probably on Tinder... I said I didn't think he was like that and went on Tinder to prove him wrong. I was on there for about 5 days and was like "see, I didn't find him "... and then I did. I was SO upset and reacted emotionally instead of waiting to calm down and be rational. So I immediately called my guy and told him what I found, and he was pissed at me for not trusting him and snooping around on him. When I pointed out that he WAS actually on there, he said yes, he was on like 5 different sites from being single before he met me. He claimed he wasn't currently using it. He was SO angry and this went on a while. I told him I believed him and we just kind of ended the call... I don't really know where we stand. He didn't break up with me but I'm jumping to conclusions in my head that he will want to end things with me. I sent him a huge apology text this morning (haven't heard back and knew I wouldn't ). I'm going to give him space for a few days and maybe will then call him to see how things are. Does this sound like a good idea? Any other advice for damage control? How badly did I mess this up- hopefully not past the point of no return :(


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  • i dont think you messed it up!

    • Thanks. .. I feel most people would have done the same in my position. But I don't know if he will feel the same way! ! Nervous. ..

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