Girls, is it acceptable for you?

Can you accept being with guy: who is good listener, you have chemisty with him, has some interests, has great style, he made good first impression and generally you feel good with him.

However he hasn't job experience, he is still figuring who he is, doesn't know career path and certains skills and isn't so extraverted. He stills study (last year of Masters Degree) and didn't care about it. And he isn't someone to commend in front of your friends.

Of course it's about me. And I try to change it. But I start everything very late (at age 26). However I don't give up , I approach girls and date them. They are very interested in me, however they dump me after 2-3 months of dating. Because there are some else better? Whatever. I try to move and go forward with my goals.

However I woud like to know what you think about this kind of guy. ;)


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  • It is true that most girls do like a guy with confidence. Even I would say myself, that yes, I like confidence. However, I would not dump a guy for that. It's not so much of figuring out who you are that really makes a girl (well, at least me) not dump a guy. It's a guy who gets down on himself all the time.

    Think for a second not about a girl dumping you for, but just think about these questions:

    What is stopping you from not getting a job?
    What is stopping you from not figuring out who you are?
    Have you done everything you can?

    It is okay not to know who you are and a lot of people switch their degrees during college. Even after college, some people do something completely different than what they expected. It is totally okay.

    If a girl sees that you are trying your hardest and do all you can, then there is no reason why any girl would not a man like you.

    Hope this helps! :)

    • Correction: Would not want* a man like you.

    • Answering your questions:

      1. Lack of certain skills and job experience. I also dream about working for myself.
      2. Nothing. It's still in progress.
      3. No, but I started. Unfortunetly too late.

      There is also reason: I can't fix things and cook. It's a massive deal breaker for girls.

    • I would not count you as a massive deal breaker for girls. First off, find a girl who is understanding. If she's not? Then, she is not worth your time. Second off, be creative. Just because you don't have a job and don't have that much money, does not mean you don't impress. Dates that involve money don't really impress me.

      Here are things you can do: tours, hikes, campfire, swimming, cook dinner (even if you can not cook, that will just make it funnier and hey, I'm sure the girl can help you!), movie, be stupid and write some poetry even if it is horrible!, treasure hunts (you have no idea how fun these can be especially when you're older, that just makes you awesome), game nights, parks, roll in hay, photo shooting, look at shelter animals, walk around malls, or dance.

      Now, I know that you are probably reading this list going... uh.. this is silly and stupid. Great, that just makes it better. Girls LOVE guys with humor. Put yourself out there! Don't limit yourself!

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