My best guy friend asked me out again and the last time he did it messed with are friendship, I don't know how to say no without breaking his heart?

Ok so I've known this guy for well over a year and when we first meet he asked me out thur a mutual friend cause he is so shy around girls. I declined for several reasons, one my parents would absolutely not approve of him two I was not ready to date at the time. We were good friends until the summer ended and I still had not changed my mind. We stopped talking for months. It was horrible, I missed how he could make me laugh and feel better when no one else could. I tried and tried to talk to him. The convos were short and all. Then about two weeks ago everything changed. He started talking like he used to, then he told me he just went thur a break up about a month ago. I told him it was her lose and everything. I went to my first football game cause hey I'm home schooled and I ask him were he was at cause he is the Drum Major. He didn't see my message until after the game and I didn't get to see him because I had to leave early, I sent him one more before the game was thur, awesome job you did great. He got it around one and sent me a message asking did I have fun then when I didn't see it two hours later he sent another one Are you busy in October? You can read this when you wake up, 😜. I not being used to public school stuff had no clue that he was warming up to ask me to the dance. I freaked out and told him I didn't know what to say honestly. He said I could take a chance and say yes. I told him I would get back to him when in truth even if I could see us as more than friends it can't happen cause of my parents, my question is how do I tell him N without taking are freshly mended friendship and losing it? Please help!
  • Am i a bad person for telling him i would think on it even tho i know i am going to say No?
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  • Should i lose him as a friend?
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What Guys Said 1

  • Well, it sounds like you have decided that you are not going to date him, so the worst part is over. Just explain it to him, gently but firmly. I'm glad you made the hard decision on your own, now if telling him no ruins the friendship, imagine how much worse the breakup would be. Good luck!


What Girls Said 1

  • i dont think you did anything wrong really.


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