I feel like such an idiot. What do I do about this situation?

Okay so this morning, my friend wanted me to call her about some exciting news. So she told me that there's a guy that she told me that is intrested in me and wanted to get to know me. I didn't say yes right away, but I decided to give it a try and see what happens. He sounds like an amazing guy. He loves church, he's religious and he a very sweet and amazing guy. She told him about me a little and he thinks I'm amazing. He knows that I'm not rushing into a relationship right now and he completely understands and he feels the same way. He knows about my ex boyfriend. We have each others number and now just getting to know each other. He said he'll text me later. One problem, we live in different states. He lives in Ohio and I live in Arizona. I don't do long distance relationships or never had before. Why did I say yes? I'm such an idiot. We like completely strangers so it's not like we're dating. Damn I'm such a fool. He even said he would come down to Arizona and meet me.
  • Get to know him more.
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  • Tell him that it's not going to work out.
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  • Long distance relationship can work out
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  • I don't know. You should have said no in the first place
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  • In my experience, long-distance relationships don't work. Don't waste your time.

    • Ahh. I should have known! I feel such an idiot! I know it's my own fault but now iI dont know what to say to the guy.
      He even said IF we datef he would come see me but still.

Most Helpful Girl

  • U r in Arizona and he is in Ohio , Well I am in a long distance relationship and im in Algeria and my boyfriend is in Korea there r like 10000 km between us but we rmaking it working like any other couple with ups and downs its more tough but worth it so why u dont try?

    • I guess. But I prefer to date a guy the same town as me.

    • Ah then i have nth to say if so. I thought u were afraid of long distance. Good luck.

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  • Get to know home more! You never know what's going to happen. you might be boyfriend and girlfriend and who knows he may come down to see you when you guys doing. go on text and you never know. good luck you lucky girl :-)

  • You can't totally write him off just for distance.

    You're old enough where you should be at a point in your life where you have some expendable cash and can make the trip. But make him come to you. Not because he's the man, but because Ohio sucks. It's not as cold as further north, but Ohio cops are on a crack down for speeding and they write tickets for 1 over :p They LOVE tickets. So have him come to you. Or you can both meet in like Kansas or something.

    LDRs are very difficult when started in your position. Not impossible, but VERY difficult.

  • get to know him more!

    • I agree. Long distance relationships can work out.
      MizzKay: listen to us

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