How to get her back in right way? I was dating this girl for 2 months. I really liked her. She is the wife type for sure?

My cheating ex came back in the picture and confused me. So I told new girl I was not ready for anything serious. I didn't tell her about the drama I was facing with my ex. She seemed hurt, but understanding. Now that I have given my ex yet another chance, she is back to her same sneaky lying ways. I don't want new girl to get away, but I don't want to bring her in my mess. I just still have unresolved issues w/ ex. I feel bad b/c new girl doesn't know what's really going on. I've been lying saying it's job issues.


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  • Well, first, you are an idiot for going back to your cheating ex, and I mean that in the way that we are all idiots at times. Then , really unless there are kids involved, you are doubly an idiot for staying in a mess with your ex. There's really no need for it. End it now, cut all ties and never expect to see or talk to her again. Lastly, if you accomplish that you really do not owe the new girl anything, even though you were again an idiot about it all being job related.

    again if there are no kids involved, this is all your fault. There is no need to have a mess with your ex. Kick her sorry ass to the curb and tell her to never talk or see you again. Then you are in a position to work on the new girl. If you can't muster the discipline to get rid of the ex, then its simply because you don't value your new relationship the way you should and the new girl is better off not getting in your mess.


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