If you were 25 years old would you date an 18 year old women?

If your personality matched, if you found her attractive, if you liked her sense of humor , would 7 years matter?
Also, how would you be able to convince a guy to even try out this type of relationship?
The guy I am interested In has kissed me , we have told each other we found each other attractive and amazing... Yet I am not sure if he actually knows my age. How can I tell him this without him shooting me down before I can convince him?


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  • I wouldn't say unless he asked. Seven is nothing. Cougars date fifteen years younger

    • I am thinking that's a good idea , the only problem is I mentioned I need too tell him something and asked if we could meet at Starbucks to talk. What do I say in replace of what I wanted to talk about?

    • I don't know tell him you forgot and laugh

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