He is texting me quite a bit, not sure what to think?

So I just started seeing someone. We have only know each other for a few weeks really and have only hung out once since the first time we met at a friend's party. I'm not used to guys being so up for texting throughout the day unless we have been together for a while. But he lets me know when he gets home and is always checking up on me.

In person, he is very funny and nice and I have a good time with him but I'm just not sure what to think with this texting thing he is doing. Am I just being weird or is he being a little needy?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It doesn't mean he's needy. I see on this site women complaining about their guys there just met or gone out with not texting. That's a complaint or question that might be as popular as penis or breast size. Most of the women on this site would love to have your problem. You've met someone that likes you and likes to talk to you

    • Yeah you are right. I'm just not used to this...

What Girls Said 1

  • It's not weird to me. Most guys I've dated text frequently and daily. Me and my now boyfriend texted all day everyday even before we were official and he is definitely not a clingy guy and values his space.

    He probably just really likes you!


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