Guys, should I text or forget it?

I've been talking to a guy from tinder for about 3 and a half weeks
I never message him first he texts me every morning and we talk throughout the day and he claims he really thinks I'm amazing. We haven't met yet due to a clash in schedules about a week ago. On Thursday we were laughing about something and then he sent another message saying his mother has rushed back into hospital (recently in there for a knee reconstruction) and he had no idea what was going on. I just replied with hope she's okay and here if you need anything. Today is Monday and I haven't heard anything. Friday night he posted a picture on facebook with his cousins baby and his mother commented on it so I know from that that she's okay. I texted Saturday asking how his weekend was going and he didn't reply. It's now Monday. I'm very confused! Do I message and ask is everything's okay because I haven't heard from him or just forget it and not know what's happening?
So he just text me saying "hey :)" do I reply or leave it?


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  • give him maybe one more text but after that let it go he's got things going on in his life if he isn't interested in anything anymore then he's not gonna text back anyway

    text him whats it gonna hurt


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