Girls, Being in an awkward situation, knowing a guy is in love with you... thoughts ( Long story..) ?

Brief Introduction... Went on a couple dates 3 years ago, she moved out of province to be with her sister which is understandable and we lost contact.

We got connected in Facebook and I started seeing her for massage therapy on a regular basis... I have bought her a custom braclet for her Bday and she has thanked me for a special night...

I had got her out to a French restaurant had an absolute amazing time, end of the night. Said I love you and she said "I love you too" .

We haven't seen each other in over a month, as I was on a week holidays an she was on the east coast for 10 plus days. She has started a new job as a nutritionist, however she said something had happened and the downtown location where I was seeing her and noted perhaps she could come come up and see me as I live just outside the city for massage. I have bought all the equipment.

She seems to be very distant.. I had messaged her indicating I'm worried about my special friend, and hoped she got back safe, she indicated all is good and she is back.

I was feeling extremely emotional last week and told her that she knows I would never hurt her, or do anything to Jeaporadise our friendship. She responded that there is no need to apologize for anything and everything is good and she looked forward to seeing me.

I had sent her a text Friday morning withing her a happy long weekend and told her I was out of town this weekend and asked if we could do an appointment next weekend if she's not busy / no plans and told her a miss her Lots... I'm patiently waiting for a replay and still nothing yet.

I realy don't mean to seen needy but I've completely fallen for her and just would like to see her again as I consider her a special friend as she knows how I feel...


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  • Maybe she thinks u love her as a friend only? U mentioned "Friend" several times.


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